Setting New Standards

We have engineered proprietary alloys, HM-10 and HM-20, for excellent mechanical, thermal and wear properties, consistent high performance.

Advanced Technology

Custom machined adaptors available to your specifications.

No Limits

Custom non-ferrous casting and machining capabilities.

High Velocity Cooling

Peripheral to cool up to 100 core pins during the die casting process.

Jet Coolers

for thermal control in critical cross sections of castings during solidification.


Setting New Standards in Responsiveness and Service

We stock one of the industry's widest selections of plunger tips including custom sizes and industry standards, in addition to ready to ship machined stock tips of 2" through 5" diameter by 4" long in 1/8" increments, with 1/16" additional stock for finish machining to size by customers.

Hildreth Manufacturing corporate sign and headquarters for the largest selection of Beryllium Copper Plunger Tips.

Hildreth MissionTo meet and exceed customer expectations.

In addition to becoming the premier manufacturer of the highest quality beryllium copper plunger tips in the world. Period.

Industry's largest selection of plunger tips.

ResponsiveBreakthrough response to customer needs.

Same day shipments with one of the industry's largest selection of plunger tips. We will tailor logistics to meet your schedules.

Quality control and outstanding customer service.

No Limits ValueThe real meaning of beryllium copper plunger tips value:

Outstanding quality + hands on technical support before and after the order + experience to maximize tip life, job efficiency and productivity = COST PERFORMANCE.

There are NO LIMITS to what you should expect
in performance, responsiveness, and service.


Patented Center Cast Technology

Our patented Center Cast Technology for cooling chamber concentricity.